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SRAL – The conservation institute

As academically trained specialists, we master the art of restoration to perfection. Old masters, contemporary art, painted sculptures and historical interiors in public and private collections are restored by us. We protect and conserve. Connecting past with future times, new techniques with old works. In our work as a conservator, as a researcher and advisor, as a teacher. We are a globally renowned knowledge partner and translate developments within restoration and the heritage field into international knowledge transfer. As restoration experts, we make connections with the field. We advise on complex issues related to conservation, restoration, loan or transport. With our knowledge and experience we bring back the most beautiful treasures. With care, attention and craftsmanship. Our studios are located in the Wiebengahal Maastricht.

SRAL Academy presents De-Mystifying Mist-Lining

A Getty Foundation grant to Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL) supported an advanced conservation workshop on mist lining, a minimally invasive technique developed to stabilize paintings on canvas.


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