ICM Europe BV

ICM – Integrated Contamination Management – offers solutions for insect pests and biocide decontamination in collections. ICM is embedded in art conservation through its Brussels-based mother company IPARC (International Platform for Art Research & Conservation). With its humidity regulated warm air treatment system, ICM uses an ecologically-friendly method to treat both insect pest infestations and biocide contamination in art and heritage collections.

Insect pest infestations can severely damage or destroy artworks. Biocide residues can also harm collection objects, but additionally, have a serious impact on human health. Conservators, art handlers, art shippers are just a few of the groups who are often in prolonged close contact with contaminated objects. Biocide polluted collections are a worldwide problem.

ICM has offices and treatment facilities in London and in Brussels with other major European cities to follow. There is also a mobile treatment unit which can drive to any destination for treatments on site.


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