BENELUX FAIR  exhibitors showcase different companies and institutions which focus on conservation, protection, study, restauration, intervention, interpretation, management and promotion of Cultural Heritage, making this event a unique interdisciplinary meeting.

The advantages of being an exhibitor:

  • Media spotlights while preparing BENELUX FAIR

  • Representation in BENELUX FAIR 2021 catalogue

  • Privileged contact with other companies at BENELUX FAIR

  • Possibility to integrate Heritage Education Activities or Cultural Programme of the main event

  • Access to all technical presentations, programmes, workshops and other professional initiatives

These are some of our exhibitors:

  • Public and private institutions working with conservation, research, protection and restauration of cultural heritage

  • Foundations and associations

  • Museums

  • Universities

  • Companies working on restauration and other services

  • Companies managing cultural heritage

  • Restauration workshops

  • Specialized publications

  • Schools / Universities

 Our visitors include:

  • Professionals of any branch of the industry

  • Specialists responsible for heritage management and supervision

  • Students

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