Heritage Benelux

Heritage Benelux is a dynamic and interdisciplinary group.

We deal with promotion, recovery, protection and dissemination of the artistic and cultural heritage, as it is an important foundation of our history.

Heritage Benelux aims to communicate the excellences that revolve around the world of Arts and Restoration, with an eye to new technologies and with the intention of creating bridges between the protagonists of the sector.

Thanks to the international network of experts and professionals, it will therefore be possible to create the right dialogue and comparison, which is essential for the protection of everything of value that history has left along the way.

Together with institutions, collaborating bodies and international organizations in the Benelux, in collaboration with the president of Committees in Brussels, Raffaele Napolitano and also supported by the Dante Alighieri Society Committees of Belgium, Heritage Benelux aims to enhance and protect the cultural legacy of the territory. Through the dissemination of the value of this important legacy, in constant dialogue with other offices in the world, to ensure the complete contemporaneity of the interventions.

It also organizes events open to the public that become important moments of co-working for professionals, as well as opportunities for learning and approaching the world of Arts and Culture for users.

Heritage Benelux will also be able to count on a complete team of contemporary artists, musicians and professionals of various creative disciplines, coming from all over the world.

Because to count on a future legacy it is also necessary to work in the present.

Being a member of Heritage Benelux means becoming part of an complex exhibition that creates a common calendar aimed at disseminating and sharing the themes of Art and Restoration.

It means participating in the genesis of new synergies, with the aim of creating new ones as well. Projects that will promote historical and contemporary culture in its various forms.

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