Yannick Wijnants

Yannick Wijnants – Belgian artist and piano restorer working in PARIS (FR) and HASSELT (BE)

My volatility in everything I do, my driving force, my fuel. In the diversity I find all the answers, and therein lies the one-time volatility. Volatility in making a drawing, an image that is visualized in a short time, on paper, in a motion, a contour, in a melody or a photo.

Atmosphere as a synonym for volatility. It comes and goes unnoticed. It’s there, I feel it, and then I strike back. Environment, that what shows up in front of us, is what gives us the sense of reality. I can fragment, change my perspective. An idea filled with volatility. I want to approach and interpret, to give the feeling that intuition has spoken and that the viewer is it’s witness right now.

Miniature is a hyperreality. Reality on top of reality. A paradox, but tactile, tangible and yet more real as reality. Miniature can also be something really big, subtracted from its actual proportion. It creates its own environment. The environment, space and location plays a major role, sometimes the leading role.

I find my inspiration in everything that happens around me. The search for what is real. I go in ecstasy on the analysis of a total sense, but let myself once again be amazed and taking it further. I am on the quest for what needs to be told, just a short story, no more, no less.


“Working by hand, tuning by ear, creating something from nothing, bringing new life to a piano, that gives me the greatest satisfaction there is.”

Where the handwork of sculpture and the tireless love of playing the piano come together, that is where my passion for the piano craft lies. After my education in sculpture at the Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg, I continue to develop during piano tuning and recovery studies in Antwerp in the workshops of Pianomobil. A strong interest in piano restoration brings me to Paris where I work for two years as a restorer mainly on historic French pianos, supplemented with a few internships in France on restoration and technology.

Atelier Herkenrode, whose name is inspired by the Abbey of Herkenrode, where the Abbey had considerable importance in the creation and growth of the city of Hasselt, exudes a sensation of tradition, craftsmanship and history.

Atelier Herkenrode

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