Vighen Avetis

Vighen Avetis was born in Yerevan, Armenia, on January 25th, 1968. In 1989 he was admitted into the Academy of Fine Arts in Armenia, in the department of Sculpture. In 1997 Vighen graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Poznan in Poland, and shortly after, in 1998 he joined the Academy of Florence in Italy. He currently lives and works in Florence.

“…What I find extremely interesting in Vighen Avetis, is the faith he has in Sculpture and in all the other marvellous works he creates. One must talk to this artist, to realise how deep his passion for our Italian Masters is.As a lover of Art, I may state that Vighen will not stop here, he will go very far, especially if he lives in Florence, surrounded by the works of the greatest sculptors of Renaissance. My very best wishes of every success to Vighen.

Con tanti auguri” Dott. Enzo Dall’Olio.

Exhibitions and awards

1984/5 Vighen is commissioned two monuments in wood for Arzni (Armenia). 1989 Exhibits in Yerevan (Armenia). 1990 Crafts two medallions in occasion of the 75th anniversary of remembrance of the genocide of Armenians. 1991 Crafts a medallion for the Literary Competition ‘Michele Cossu’. 1991/92 Works as a set designer in the Yerevan theatre (Armenia). 1993 Individual exhibition in Poznan (Poland). 1995 His bas-relief ‘Adam and Eve’ is commissioned by a Dominican church in Poznan (Poland). 1999 Participates to the International Symposium ‘Nantopietra’ in Nanto (Italy). – Exhibits his works at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence – Participates to the exhibition‘Pietra lavorata’ in Castel San Niccolo (Italy). 2000 Exhibits in Piazza Donatello in Florence, together with the artists of the ‘Gruppo Donatello’. – Participates for the second time to the exhibition ‘Pietra lavorata’ in Castel San Niccolo (Italy). – Participates to the exhibition Villa Caruso Lastra in Signa (Italy). – Participates to the exhibition Rotonda 2000 in Licorno (Italy). 2001 At the International Symposium in Sieve (Italy), is awarded the ‘Antonio Berti’ prize. – Commissioned silver reliquary for the ‘Onus Dei’ founder in Palermo (Italy). – Participates to the International Symposium of Madonna di Campiglio (Italy). – Attends a course of ceramics in Sargadellos (Spain) Participates to an exhibition at the cultural centre ‘Fondo Perduto’ in Florence. 2002 Participates to the Symposium on Marble Sculpture in Grugliasco (Italy). – Is invited to take part in the realisation of the set design of Mitoraj for the theatre play ‘Festival di Puccini’ in Torre del Lago (Italy). – One of the last successful exhibitions is ‘Qualcosa di simpatico’, released together with the painter Gianfranco Masi, at the Vialarga gallery in Florence.

Since 2009 he’s a member of the Artists’ Union of Florence after Donatello.


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