Riccardo Guasco

Riccardo Guasco is an illustrator and a painter working with a variety of styles and mediums – ink, watercolor, acrylic, Chinese brush – in addition to creating digital illustrations for clients such as The New YorkerEniTIMDieselRizzoliBaldini & CastoldiPoste ItalianeCampo ViejoGiuntiMoleskineRaphaThames & Hudson, DeAgostini, Sole 24 Ore, Emergency, and L’Espresso..

An Illustrator and painter, he is endowed with that peculiar form of sensitivity in which formal grace goes hand in hand with delicacy of intention.
Just look at any of his works, whether an advertisement or a magazine cover, and you will always see the touch of wonder that is the prerogative of a poetic vision. The resulting works will also make your eyes smile.

Riccardo calls himself a man in love with the art form of the poster, which he sees as a tool that is capable of educating people in the beauty of the world. In fact the extraordinary nature of his purely pictorial style lies precisely in the ordinariness of what he portrays, transformed by his pencil into artistic situations. In the space that exists between dreams and daily life human figures become bodies transfigured into contortions full of passion, until they merge with the surrounding contextual elements.

They are digital but always start with a pencil sketch, which is then coloured with a brush before being finished on the computer.
It is clearly this gestation on paper that gives his drawings such lightness – the same lightness that allows these creations to fly high before coming to ground in advertising campaigns, magazines, books, hats and bicycles.


Riccardo Guasco

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