Goddy Haerden

Originally trained as a fashion designer, but after two years of activity in the sector, an accident brought an early end to this career.

She then followed an honorary training in Germany to specialize in Gestalt therapy. During her activity as Gestalt Therapy she came into contact with extreme population groups and worked for several years with people who were in prison, who came from the drug world and from the prostitution. Her quest was aimed at more quality of life, balance, and happiness for every individual.

She also developed a practice for people with behavioral disorders, identity crises, marital problems, sexual abuse, learning delay. All courses at that time were aimed at a possibility to give people more insight into their own nature and to improve their quality of life.

Later her activities are expanded to the corporate world, where she was mainly contacted to resolve difficult issues in interpersonal disputes.

In addition to solid management, a solid infrastructure, the necessary liquidity, … good management of the Human Captial and the choice of the right person in the right place are indispensable for the success of a company.

Despite the fact that she earned her spurs in Gestalt therapy and business analyst, the lure of her artistic talent remained unsatisfied for a long time until photography took her to unknown places within her own talent. Based on her experience as a Gestalt therapist and her artistic skills, she tries to create stories with artistically edited photos that should stimulate our sensory emotions.


Intermotel Lummen (BE) 2014 “How Far”

Muze CC Heusden-Zolder (BE) 2014 “Elixir du Silence”

Loods 18 Kerkrade (NL) 2015 “Expose you 2”

Art Amsetrdam (NL) 2015 “Expose you 2”

Art Amsterdam (NL) 2015 “How Far”

Gallery Benjamin Schelterma Roosendaal (NL) 2017 “Dressed for the occasion” in collaboration with Egbert Drix and Peter Hermesdorf: 2018 – 2019


Photo book and CD book: “How Far”

CD: “Elixier du Silence”

CD: “Dressed for the occasion”

Work in progress: Archetype ZERO

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