Giorgia Scioratto

Giorgia Scioratto was born in Alessandria, the city she returned to after living in Asti, Turin, Rome.

She is an architect by training, graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin with a specialization in scenography and set-up, and, even if I have never built a house or calculated a structure, she has remained a design method also in artistic practice, as well as an interest and sensitivity for the third dimension and for material experimentation. She has been working as a freelancer since 2005 in visual art and visual design, collaborating with both companies and different realities in the world of art as well as teaching Theory and techniques of drawing and graphic design at the IED in Turin in the departments of Interior Design and Product Design. Her art develops through projects, divided into different phases and made with different media, painting, installation, drawing, collage, textile art, screen printing, artist’s book (because, after drawing, books are my great passion and part relevant to my profession). She is interested in the representation of what she perceive as an entropic flow of images in which we are constantly immersed and which characterizes the contemporary vision mode. Her works try to capture moments of this flow and fix them in a form that is in reality a superposition of fragments that can evoke a story, perhaps a myth, in which elusive human and animal presences struggle with plants, stones and inorganic elements to emerge. to the vision. A vision that, in the end, is for it more dissolved. In the end, the viewer will decide whether these frozen and precarious fragments can make sense in our present or if they are just traces of a past that has vanished forever.

T.: +39 0131 507 447

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