Compagnia Colonna

” The wonderful interpreters of a movement that brings with it fatigue, culture and freedom Women who inspire women “.

What is the Colonna Company?

It is the beginning of a project that will become the Teatro Colonna, a place where you can eat and watch shows and where one day the Company will have its fixed location, in which to create the best performances. The name derives from this: the company is the backbone of the academy. This training was born as a function of the auditions of Italia’s Got Talent and we had to train it in a couple of weeks. It was a great effort, which however made concrete what had long been a hope, a great project of Iliana.

Defining your pole dance or pole sport performances is an understatement. How can we call them?

Ours is art, something that is not yet, that goes beyond a limit that existed until now. Our goal is to ensure that art comes to life through the pole, to get pole out of competition of any kind and to make it an exhibition of contemporary art. We are all athletes who come from sport, from dance competitions and artistic gymnastics: without a level athletic preparation it would not be possible to create something artistic with the pole. We have different backgrounds, but we all work daily on flexibility, strengthening and dance to update ourselves on a technical level. What we ultimately manage to draw from it is something artistic, an installation of contemporary art, behind which, however, there is an athletic effort that is not always perceived from the outside.

How many times do you train?

As a company we do three workouts of three hours each at the seventh. It’s not much, it would be better to do more, but having to manage a school where almost all the girls are also instructors is the best we can do. Monia and Giada, in addition to being polers, have their own school in Versilia and it was not easy for them to come to Florence for every training session. On an individual level, however, each of us trains daily to maintain the necessary high level of athletic training.

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